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Win Your Motion

A motion is a legal request for the court to do something.  Common Middlesex County motions include a motion to change custody, increase or decrease child support, increase or decrease parenting time, permission to move out of state and to reduce or terminate alimony.  While these are the more common motions that get filed, you can file a motion for almost anything.  Regardless of whether you filed the motion or you are responding to the motion, there are a number of things you can do to help ensure that you are successful.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers use a number of strategies to help you win your motion.  

Clear and concise motions

One of our functions is that of a filter.  We take everything you say and filter out the emotional issues and the other issues that would not be helpful (and may even be helpful).  This allows us to get right to the point.  The result is a clear and concise motion that will be easy for the court to read and understand.

Aggressive but not obnoxious

There is a big difference between being aggressive and being obnoxious.  Being a professional means that you have to treat your adversary with respect and not let things get personal.  You can be professional but still be aggressive.  However, some clients want their lawyer to cross the line into being obnoxious.  While the client may be happy because the lawyer really “showed the other side”, the result is that the judge may be distracted from the real argument due to the unprofessional nature of the motion.  Since the result is all that really matters, that should be the focus.  Since that is our only focus, our results speak for themselves.  

Using evidence to back up arguments

Your algebra teacher told you that you had to show your work and motions are no different.  Our lawyers back up everything with the available evidence.  This adds credibly to a motion and it also cuts off the arguments for the other side.  With the evidence properly attached to the motion, the adversary is limited in how they can attack our arguments.  That increases our odds of success.

Efficiency = lower legal bills

Our Middlesex County legal fees are affordable and reasonable because we work efficiently.  Thus, while we don't cut concerns we do exactly what is needed to win the case and nothing more.  We cut out the garbage and focus on what is most important, as we discussed above.  By not getting bogged down with nonsense, we can save our clients a lot of money.  Helping clients save money isn't just something we do to be nice, its how we help clients win.  If the adversary spends more to handle the same motion, they will be much closer to their pain point than our client will be.  This may lead them to throw in the towel because they have no money left to fight or it has gotten too expensive for them.  

If you need help filing or responding to a motion, call us to discuss how we can help you win.

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